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West Cliffs

Buracos 18
Par 72
Metros 6.382

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Reviewed by a pro user

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Cynthia Dye McGarey



Inaugurado em junho de 2017 o West Cliffs foi desenhado de forma a integrar na perfeição a paisagem local, tornando-se numa experiência links, única. Totalmente envolvido pela vegetação local, cada um dos buracos apresenta perspetivas deslumbrantes de onde se destaca o Oceano Atlântico e a Lagoa de Óbidos. O desenho do campo resultou de um estudo aprofundado do terreno e respetivas características de forma a conseguir-se um percurso de 18 buracos envolto pela beleza natural e o ecossistema locais.
O West Cliffs está destinado a ser um dos mais procurados campos de golfe da Europa Continental, que em conjunto com o “irmão”, o Praia D´el Rey, consolidará um excelente resort de golfe.



Pro User

Early October 2017

Official Reviewer: Keith Barrett


Marvellous. Magnificent. Truly Memorable.

It would be very easy for me to fill at least half of this review space with just a string of superlatives to describe West Cliffs - it’s that good. In fact after completing my round it went immediately onto my list of Top 10 courses - anywhere!

And I'm clearly not alone in thinking that it's a wonderful addition to golf in Portugal: Golf World Magazine, which recently published its biennial guide “Top 100 Courses in Continental Europe”, put it straight in at No.25; and at the annual World Golf Awards it was voted "World's Best New Golf Course". Not bad for a facility which only opened in June.

From start to finish West Cliffs challenges every part of your game – especially the part played between your ears. Sound strategic thinking is vital to scoring effectively and that decision making process begins before you’ve even hit a shot, because choosing the correct tees to play from is crucial to fully enjoying this outstanding golf course.*

The tee markers are not colour coded or gender specific, instead they’re based on course length: the back tees are known simply as the 63’s (from these tees the course is 6,382 metres long) followed by the 59’s (5,935m), the 55’s (5,564m), the 51’s (5,091m) and finally the front tees which are the 45’s (4,533m). If you struggle to hit the ball with your driver more than 150m then you probably should play from the 51 or 45 tees, because to reach the start of the fairway from the 55's can sometimes require a carry in excess of 100 metres over sandy wasteland and scrub. Trust me, it’s better to be humble than trying to be a hero on this golf course.

Having said that, the fairways are generously wide and in very good shape for such a new layout – just make sure you don’t miss them because any ball which flies left or right beyond the sliver of semi rough is going to be difficult to find. The greens, which were firm with a medium pace on the day I played, are varied in size. They all contain a fair number of slopes, humps and hollows and are not easy to read on the first visit. But they’re eminently playable.

One aspect of the course which is quite rare to find in Portugal was the cavernous nature of some of the greenside bunkers. With faces over two metres high they reminded me of the type of sandy hazards frequently found on traditional British links courses and they add yet another psychological element to the game when you're making an approach.

The background views are terrific although some of the vistas on Praia Del Rey (West Cliffs’ sister course) are even more dramatic – especially the holes located close to the ocean. The clubhouse is palatial, the pro shop well stocked and the service first class. The morning check-in procedure was fast, friendly and efficient, and the post round meal was fine although a touch on the expensive side.

I can’t wait to go back there and play it again. Very highly recommended.

Rating out of 5: 5

*I’m sure that once a printed or digital StrokeSaver is produced deciding on which tees to play from will be far easier, but for the moment that type of guide isn’t available.

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West Cliffs
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