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Ribagolfe II

Buracos 18
Par 72
Metros 6.214

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Reviewed by a pro user

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Michael King



Ribagolfe II tem um comprimento e largura mais acessíveis do que o seu vizinho do Ribagolfe I, com o qual partilha o enquadramento numa mata de sobreiros e pinheiros.
Michael King, o seu autor, antigo profissional de golfe de competição, pensou num percurso mais direcionado para os sócios do clube ou para os jogadores de fim-de-semana.
Distingue-se por ter bunkers arredondados e fundos (ao estilo dos pot bunkers) e espaços largos de roughs. Os greens são na maioria grandes e ligeiramente ondulados. Os obstáculos de água entram em jogo nos buracos 6 e 13.
O buraco 6 (par 4) é acompanhado por um canal de água ao longo de toda a sua margem e que passa por defronte do green. O 13 (par 5), o mais comprido do campo, com 511 metros, tem outro canal de água que serpenteia sobre a direita do fairway, tornando este buraco o mais difícil do campo.



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Mid May 2017

Official Reviewer: David Jackson

HCP: 17

Follow the lie of the land - as the swallows do.

The Riba Golf Estate, which is designated as a Natural Reserve, contains two courses and is located approximately 30 minutes south of Lisbon. And you’ll enjoy a warm welcome when you arrive because the reception staff are extremely helpful.

The start for both courses is about 2 kilometres from the golf reception. If you’re in your own transportation just follow the signs to the parking area and if you’re not then a shuttle bus will take you there and pick you up at the end of your round.

Technically Riba ll, which is also known as “The Green Course”, is meant to be less demanding than Riba I “The Blue Course”. Both are routed through a huge expanse of Cork Oak trees which, although they don’t invade the fairways, make for plenty of strategic thought when driving and on approach shots.

The far edges of the rough are in need of a trim as they’re showing signs of the end of winter but work is currently underway. You’ll also find outside the limits of the fairways bracken and deep brush where all sorts of wonderful wildlife exist: rabbits, hares, hedgehogs, grouse and moles. Numerous wild birds fly over the course and it’s one of the first places in the spring to be visited by the swallow.

There are several water hazards on the course and they’re very cleverly worked into the holes - either by being positioned on both sides of the fairway, zigzagging across the line of play or lurking in front of the green. Straight is the best way to play and follow the lie of the land - just as the swallows do.

The fairways are firm and a shot needs to be played with confidence on to the very demanding greens many of which are defended by deep, sandy bunkers or, in one or two instances, water. The putting surfaces are firm, true and indeed a pleasure to play on. There’s hardly any grain to speak of but a putt must be read well, especially on the one or two greens that are still showing signs of last year’s treatment which has left them with a mottled green colour similar to malaquite. They’re beautiful to look at but it’s too easy to look at the mottle rather than the line.

Riba ll is a course I’d recommend anyone to visit and play, and when you’re finished (for good or bad) you can relax in the most accommodating of clubhouses where there are always tasty snacks. The restaurant also boasts two house specialities that even non-golfers will go there to savour:

Ox-Tail Stew (even better than my Grandmother’s).
Duck Rice (a typical Portuguese dish that Riba has taken to the stars!)

Two more things: there are water mist showers on the tees for very hot days and take insecticide - even the midges have teeth!!

Rating out of 5: 4

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Ribagolfe II
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