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Pestana Beloura Golf

Buracos 18
Par 72
Metros 5.716

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Reviewed by a pro user

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William “Rocky” Roquemore



O campo de golfe da Beloura faz parte do complexo residencial da Quinta da Beloura. O Pestana Sintra Golf Hotel foi construído junto à Clubhouse alguns anos mais tarde. Localizado no sopé da Serra de Sintra é um campo relativamente plano, com os fairways ladeados por árvores e embora não seja muito comprido, exige concentração e estratégia. O buraco 7 é o mais desafiante do percurso. Um par 4 com dois grandes lagos no meio do fairway.
É um campo ideal para iniciantes e também para melhorar a performance de jogadores experientes.


Pro User

Early October 2017

Official Reviewer: David Jackson

HCP: 16

It’s difficult not to enjoy a round here.

Quinta da Beloura is one of six Pestana Courses in Portugal (the other 5 are located in the Algarve). It’s situated about 20 minutes from Cascais and nestles in a private condominium, but unless you knew it was there you wouldn’t see it. The reception area is very well managed and extremely efficient with very professional staff. It has a driving range, extensive practice putting green and a short game training area.

Most of the fairways are lined with houses, but they don’t encroach on the course at all. It does mean that these fairways are guarded by trees - mostly olive and eucalyptus. Olive trees are more player friendly as they soften the blow so the ball is usually not too far away. Eucalyptus on the other hand is a hard wood and can send your ball anywhere. Having said that, Beloura is a relatively flat course that has less than 50 bunkers throughout and none are in front of the greens, so a well hit shot towards the middle of the green usually finds its way on. The greens are true but quicker on the front nine, and grain is not a problem. Occasionally the pin positions beggar belief, but such is golf!

There are hazards of course: lakes, ditches, out-of-bounds etc, but a carefully played shot will avoid most of these. One huge hazard is the wind that can whistle down the valley and take any hope away! The course is currently undergoing all sorts of improvements and the signs are showing every day. The tee boxes are generally acceptable, although one or two could do with some serious attention. The fairways are generally in very good condition and quite generous - although they do appear narrower on some holes! Even off the fairways, unless a tree is in the way, there is often a playable shot. This is a course for every category of golfer and it’s difficult not to enjoy a round here.

After finishing your game you can go to the bar in the Clubhouse and partake of a libation, a bar snack or even a meal in the restaurant. The choice is limited but the quality/price ratio is quite acceptable.

Rating out of 5: 4

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Pestana Beloura Golf
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