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Aroeira II

Buracos 18
Par 72
Metros 6.367

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Reviewed by a pro user

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Donald Steel



Por duas vezes o Aroeira II recebeu o Portugal Ladies Open e foi também, durante alguns anos, o palco da escola de qualificação do Ladies European Tour. É um excelente teste de golfe este campo delimitado por pinheiros, com greens largos e ondulados e uma série de bunkers de fairway estrategicamente posicionados, além de vários obstáculos de água.
O campo começa com um par 4 bastante comprido e a primeira volta termina com um desafiante buraco com um lago à esquerda do fairway, pinheiros à direita e um segundo shot para um green elevado. O final do percurso é igualmente marcante: O buraco 17 é mais um longo par 4 jogado normalmente contra o vento e o buraco 18 é um par 5 com obstáculos de água no fairway e à esquerda do green.


Pro User

Late May 2017

Official Reviewer: Carlos Monteiro

HCP: 22

A challenging test of golf in a relaxing environment.

"Herdade da Aroeira" is an environmentally protected residential complex roughly 25 km to the south of Lisbon. It has two golf courses – Aroeira I & II. The latter was designed by Donald Steel in accordance with recommendations from the European Tour to enable it to host elite level tournaments and the layout is very interesting. It’s well integrated through dense pine woods and five lakes and offers golf in a tranquil and serene environment.

What was the condition of the course like?
It was generally in very good shape, but not perfect. The fairways and bunkers were all fine, some of the tees were rather uneven (but as the ball is normally played from a tee it's not a major problem), the greens were generally very good; wide, undulating, receptive and with a medium pace. Yet, there were several greens on the back 9 that had been quite badly affected by a fungal disease although they were slowly recovering.

What other facilities do they have there?
Everything that you’d expect to find at a quality golf facility, but shared between the two golf courses.
At Aroeira II you’ll find a Caddie Master’s hut where you can check-in and buy last minute items such as balls or a glove. There are very good practice facilities with a driving range (closed on Mondays) where you can hit from the grass or from a mat, a chipping green with a greenside bunker and a putting green which is very similar to those on the course. Next to Aroeira I (a 3 minute drive from Aroeira II) you’ll find a clubhouse with a bar and restaurant, a sun deck offering peaceful views to the golf course which is a nice spot for lunch or an after round drink, a locker room to change clothes or to have a post-round shower and a small pro shop/boutique.

Overall Verdict
Aroeira II is a terrific option if you want to play a demanding round of golf - both technically and mentally. I played from the yellow tees in glorious sunshine and no breeze and appreciated every minute. The peaceful ambiance from the pine woods and lakes mixes well with the adrenaline you feel before each shot – especially if you’re not entirely in control of your game. 

The layout is very interesting and tests not only a golfer’s skills but also the mind and the perception of space. At eye level you will see mostly straight holes with wide fairways, but if you don't look up and visualize the trajectory of you intended shot, you’ll be surprised by a "sudden" last second branch of an overhanging tree. This golf course also demands accuracy to avoid the water hazards (which come in to play on 9 holes) and the strategically placed fairway bunkers. The greens are undulating with lots of contours and they often make you see more break than is actually there - which provides an interesting challenge. Aroeira II rewards long and straight hitters, but short and accurate is generally less penalising than long and offline – basically big numbers are lurking on every hole for the wayward golfer.

The reception staff are very friendly and helpful, but there was no buggy bar. It would be nice to have a booklet with information about the holes, the greens and the daily pin positions.

If you’re visiting or living in the Lisbon region, and you appreciate a challenging test of golf in a relaxing environment, you really should make the effort to play at Aroeira II, you won’t be disappointed.

Rating out of 5: 4

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Aroeira II
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