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About PTee

In 2015 Pedro Castelo Branco and Keith Barrett began to talk about an English version of GolfTattoo - the successful Portuguese website created by Pedro, Joana Cordoeiro, Rodrigo Cordoeiro and Filipe Guerra.

After exchanging numerous ideas over a period of several months the team finally decided to focus on building a real time booking App for golfers – the first of its kind in Portugal. With input from private investors, support from the National Golf Industry Council (CNIG) and the expertise of IT specialists Hi Interactive, the PTee App that you’re now using was conceived and developed.

As with many start-ups it took longer than we anticipated to bring our product to the marketplace, but the end result is something we’re justifiably proud of. And we strongly believe that as our App grows and develops it will become an essential part of the Portuguese golf industry - helping local and visiting players to more easily discover and enjoy the wonderful variety of courses and places to stay that Portugal has to offer.

We hope you enjoy the PTee experience.

About Pedro

Pedro is the Managing Director at GolfTattoo and the driving force behind PTee.
His extensive career in the Portuguese golf industry encompasses both club management and event organisation.
His role at PTee includes commercial development and golf course liaison.

​About Keith

Keith is a PGA golf professional who’s lived and worked in Portugal since 1999.
In addition to his job as a golf coach Keith has also been a successful blogger and much of the PTee written content is his handiwork.
After fifty years of playing golf his passion for the game remains undiminished.

​About Joana

Joana is the day to day IT specialist at both GolfTattoo and PTee.
She’s also a keen golfer, although bringing up two young children prevents her from playing as often as she would like.

About Filipe

Filipe has been a professional photographer for over 20 years and is widely recognised as one of the finest golf photographers in Portugal.

About Rodrigo

​Rodrigo has worked as a golf journalist for over 25 years.
He’s the editor-in-chief at GolfTattoo and a valued contributor to PTee. 

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